Name: Nuclear Reactor Kit 5x5
Price: 6.99 USD

This Kit comes with everything you need to build a basic Nuclear Reactor. It Comes with more than enough Reactor frame and glass to build a 5x5 Reactor with 1 Fuel Rod. Also comes with an Elite Energy Cube and enough cable to power all you machines in your base and Yellorium to power the rector. 

  • Reactor Casing (Legacy) x96
  • Reactor Glass (Legacy) x48
  • Reactor Fuel Rod (Legacy) x4
  • Reactor Control Rod (Legacy)
  • Reactor Controller x1
  • Reactor Access Point (Legacy) x2
  • Reactor Redstone Flux Power Tap x1
  • Basic Energy Cube
  • Basic Universal Cable x32
  • Yellorium x128