Name: ME Network Kit
Price: 7.99 USD

This Kit comes with everything you need to get you ME Network up and running. It provides you with enough pipe to cover you base coming in 3 different colors allowing for multiple Networks and provides you with lots of storage. Also comes with a wireless terminal allowing you to access your network anywhere in your base.

  • ME Terminal x1
  • ME Crafting Terminal x1
  • ME Drive x2
  • Dense Energy Cell x1
  • 16k ME Storage Cell x2
  • 64k ME Storage Cell x2
  • ME Security Terminal x1
  • Wireless Booster x1
  • ME Wireless Access Point x1
  • Wireless Terminal x2
  • Network Tool x1
  • Charger x1
  • ME Glass Cable - Purple x64
  • ME Glass Cable - Red x32
  • ME Glass Cable - Blue x32